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Istanbul Door Handle Company

Istanbul Door Handle Company

Çelebi Door Handles, an Istanbul door handle company, is always ready to support and produce solutions for all its customers. At the end of 2016, our company entered the sector with the production of aluminum door handles, stainless door handles and furniture handles. Aiming to be one of the leading brands in the door handle and furniture accessories market, Çelebi Door Handles; In the concept of door handle and furniture accessories, it exhibits a stable work by expanding its product range day by day. Acting with the unconditional customer satisfaction and understanding, Çelebi Door Handles and Furniture Accessories pay utmost attention to customer satisfaction by being aware of its responsibilities and standing behind its commitments.

Door Handle Models

In addition to the designs and functions of the doors, the door handles on almost every door are also issues that should be chosen carefully. While there were only one type of door handle designs in the past, today door handles are designed to adapt to modern doors with different designs. When the door handles are used with the right choices, they can add a stylish look to the environment.

Interior lockable door handles are preferred in places such as toilets or bathrooms. Keyed door handles that can be opened from both sides are preferred especially for doors used in rooms. There are color options in the door handles produced by Çelebi door handles. Adapting to all kinds of door models; We have round rosette door handle, square rosette door handle and mirrored door handle models.

Door handles are tools that are used for a long time and the frequency of use is intense. For this reason, it is among the expectations of users that it is of high quality and does not lose its functionality in a short time. With the quality production of the door handles inner mechanisms, the usage times are extended.

Çelebi Door Handles is a door handle manufacturer in Istanbul. You can reach the most affordable and best quality products by contacting our company, which dominates the sector while shopping. We would like to remind you again that; You can find all kinds of color, pattern and model door handles in our company, which produces aluminum door handles for door handles such as bathroom door handles, room door handles, hotel door handles, office door handles.

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