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Çelebi Door Handles, a door handle company, is always ready to produce by offering solutions to all its customers. As a company that exports door handles, we aim to be one of the leading brands in the door handle and furniture accessories market. Our company entered the sector at the end of 2016 with the production of aluminum door handles, stainless door handles and furniture handles. We are expanding the product range of door handle and furniture accessories concept day by day. Acting to ensure customer satisfaction, Çelebi Door Handles is aware of its responsibilities and stands behind its commitments. Today, depending on the rapid development of technology, the outdated materials used increase the need for new productions. We follow all technological developments for door handle manufacturing. In such an environment, it is necessary not only to increase investments, but also to modernize the institutional structure. In this direction, Çelebi Door Handles; It clearly demonstrates its difference by offering high quality products with its experienced and professional team. In line with the goals we have created, we continue on our way with our solution partners without compromising our principles of honesty and integrity. As Çelebi Door Handles; We believe that our institution and our solution partners deserve the best of everything. For this reason, Çelebi Door Handles employees and management staff determine your needs, design them for you, produce them and present them to you in the highest quality.

Door Handle Models

Doors are indispensable parts of living spaces. In workplaces, homes, schools, hospitals…etc. The designs of the doors are also different from each other. Both the function and the appearance of the doors used in accordance with the environment they are in are given importance. Door handle models, which are the most important accessories of doors that add a stylish look to the environment when used by making the right choices, are very diverse.

The door handles used for toilet and bathroom doors are different from the door handles used for normal rooms. Most people prefer an internal lockable door handle in places like toilets or bathrooms. Especially for doors used at home, door handles that can be opened from both sides and locked with a key are preferred. Çelebi Door Handles offer various color options for door handles. Adapting to all kinds of door models; With round rosette door handle, square rosette door handle and mirrored door handle models, you can obtain door handles in colors suitable for every architecture from our company.

Çelebi Door Handles is a manufacturer of door handles in Istanbul. Bathroom door handle, room door handle, hotel door handle, office door handle etc. You can supply door handle models from our company, which is a door handle exporter in Turkey. The preferred models should be chosen according to the architecture of the space and the purpose of use. Our affordable and high quality door handle models are sold with a company guarantee. You can safely order the door handle and furniture accessories you are looking for.

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